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SPECIAL FEATURE: "Glorious Sea, Sacred Baikal..."

Our new section Siberias Natural Phenomena is focused on Lake Baikal, the most ancientand the deepest lake on Earth. Baikal stores unprecedented resources of fresh water. The lake is also famous for the diversity of its inhabitants. The unique features make the lake a giant natural laboratory that attracts researchers from various fields and various countries.

In this issue you will get an explanation of how and when this amazing lake was formed and learn about unique biological communities and evolutionary flocks of Baikal species. Together with our authors you will dive and see the underwater forests of sponges, awe at the lace of silica-rich diatom skeletons and the graceful curves of gastropod shells, meet Tito, a joyful animal from Listvyanka sealarium, and wander around the bottom of the ancient lake following a digital map. The beauty of Baikal underwater landscapes can compete with the famous Australian coral reefs. So, lets start on the journey!


Science and Siberia: from Peter the Great to the 21th Century (V. Molodin, V. Lamin)


Hypotheses and Facts

Microbes: Keeping It Going (G. Zavarzin)

In Praise of Catastrophes (. anygin)


Siberia's Natural Phenomena

Creating a Live Picture

Geographical Discoveries: Tour around Baikal Bottom (P. Sherstyankin, . De Batist)

One Rift, Two Models (. Ivanov)

Siberian "Freshwater Australia" (. Timoshkin)

Ice as the Keeper of Life (N. Bondarenko, L. Obolkina, . Timoshkin)

Mollusks that Live Exclusively in Lake Baikal (T. Sitnikova, P. Roepstorf)

Nucleotide Chronicles of Troubled Time (D. Scherbakov, S. Semovski)

Invisible Network (E. Likhoshway, R. . Crawford)


Children's Page

I Would Like to Be a Seal



Baikal in My Life (M. Grachev)


Museums and Collections

The House for Ganjur (S. Syrtypova)



Book News



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